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1996 show imagined life amid current millennium
When Cirque du Soleil 1st mounted Quidam among 1996, it did something no before Cirque show had done: It set the show in the grind of daily life.
"It starts out quite simply merely quite theatrically among a alive suite with a mum,father and daughter," said mutual stage manager Gabriel DubDupuis. "As inverse to alter Cirque shows, where you're where you're right away thrown into an imaginary world with funky characters, this one has layer that we can always relate apt"
Characters from her real life,favor nameless passersby ("quidam"among Latin),opportunity skilled amongst her invented world. In designing the atmosphere max 95 show, DubDupuis said, its creators nike free flee three imagined what life would be favor in the new millennium.
Since its debut, the production has toured five continents and millions of folk have watched its international jordan shoes bargain cast of 52 acrobats, musicians, singers and characters. Each artist has among two and seven costumes  which means a total of 250 costumes, 500 costume accessories and 200 apt 300 pairs of shoes peregrination with the show. (They likewise peregrination with their own timberlands boots washerdryers, FYI).
"I'm biased of lesson,but I think it's one climate max bargain of the jewels of Cirque du Soleil," said DubDupuis. "I think it stepped out of each frame that Cirque had pushed at that period They pushed it even beyond"
DubDupuis is surrounded a better blot apt judge nike air max 1 than many,cheap ventilation jordan shoes having grown up with the circus As a teen he moved with his home apt Las Vegas from Quebec,when his dad got a permanent gig working for Cirque. cheap jordans DubDupuis found a household among the backstage environment by 16 and never left the entertainment industry.
Stage management can be a challenge  it means helping coordinate 16 trailers and 100 people nike atmosphere max on the ferry apt Vancouver Island as this show,for instance But it's a fulfilling an that allows him apt to have his hand within everything from lighting and sound apt interacting with the throng.
With almost two decades among the biz, he still speaks glowingly of Quidam.
"Some of the acts of Quidam are some nike air max 95 of the best acts that Cirque has ever created," he said. "The final doing air max 90 namely apt me, the masterpiece. Because it uses nothing as an factor alternatively hold it's nothing but the human body.
It's 20 folk on stage building pyramids, throwing each additional among the climate within such a quite choreographically innovative access.
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